The Plan

The Plan

Phase III is the construction of a new worship facility for Hopewell Baptist Church. The new construction will tie in directly to Phases I & II, with all Phases sharing a common lobby.

Currently, our congregation averages approximately 1,800 people each Sunday, spread throughout three services. Our new 1,800 seat auditorium (approximate seating) will allow more of our congregation to worship together, provide room for continued growth, and ease the burden of our teams that minister every week when we transition to two services.

We expect to be worshiping together in our new sanctuary toward the end of the 3rd Quarter, 2019.

Click on an image below to view the renderings of Phase III

  • HBC_PhaseIII_02-12-18_3-ExteriorRendering
  • HBC_PhaseIII_02-12-18_4-InteriorRendering
  • HBC_PhaseIII_02-12-18_2-SitePlan
  • HBC_PhaseIII_02-12-18_2-SitePlan_CU
  • HBC_PhaseIII_02-12-18_1-FloorPlan
  • HBC_PhaseIII_02-12-18_1-FloorPlan_CU_1
  • HBC_PhaseIII_02-12-18_1-FloorPlan_CU_2

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