Women’s Bible Study Options:

“Discovering What the Future Holds” 
Kay Arthur & Georg Huber

Description: A 7-week study. Even a brief look at the news these days can prompt all kinds of worries and questions. Will there ever be world peace on earth? How long will the world live under the threat of terrorism? Is a one-world ruler on the horizon?
God has already provided answers to these questions in the Book of Daniel, which sets forth His blueprints for the future. In fact every other prophecy in the Bible fits somewhere into the plan revealed by Daniel.
This study will guide you through a sneak preview of the “end of days” replacing your questions with trust in the One who holds the future in His hands.

Leader: Jamie Plummer
Mondays at 10AM
Starting April 15th
Cost $15


Be Strong Men

Be Strong Boot Camp

Description: Round 1 – Men’s Class
We will repeat the material covered in the 1st Be Strong CORE Class. Servant - Steward – Student

If you are new to Hopewell and did not have the opportunity to join us for the 1st Men’s Boot Camp, this is your chance.

Leader: Joel Stephens
Tuesdays at 7PM
Starting May 14th
Cost: FREE


Jesus, Single Like Me

Jesus, Single Like Me is a celebration of who you are as a single adult. Because Christ is single, he knows first-hand what we are going through. He can relate to being alone, desiring a mate, family issues and responsibilities, friendships with the same and opposite sex, pain and disappointment, financial issues, etc. But even through the storms of our single lives, Jesus shows us the victory of being single.

Teacher: Cary Johnson
Cost: $12


Church History: From Pentecost to the Present

Description: 4-week Survey Course on the History of the Church beginning with the events immediately following Pentecost and traveling through modern times. We will look at the struggles, the controversies, and the persecution the Church faced that shaped our spiritual heritage.

Leader: Joel Stephens
Mondays at 7PM
Starting April 15th
Cost: $10

Get Better with The Bible

God is enough but Sunday is not! When you get better spiritually everything gets better. Your spiritual life isn’t the only part of your life, but it is the most important because it affects every other area of your life. You don’t get better spiritually by accident, it takes intentionality. You need to get fed, you have to learn how to understand, interpret, and apply the Bible to your everyday life. The Bible is the blueprint for your best life. Join me on Monday nights as we develop biblical study skills to get better with the Bible. When interpreting the Bible, it is important to take a step back and ask some important questions, Who wrote the book? Who was the author writing to? What was happening at the time the letter was written? What does this passage say about God? How does this passage tie into the redemption story of the Bible? And finally, What does this mean for me today? In this course, we will focus on developing the skills needed to study the bible through a theological, historical, and biblical studies lens.

Leader: Brian Thacker
Mondays at 7PM
Starting April 15th
Cost: $20

Chasing the Wind: A Study in Ecclesiastes (6 weeks)

Description: Do you ever feel like daily life is trivial – even boring? Do you sometime feel like you’re going nowhere fast like a hamster running on his wheel? Maybe you feel like you are living out the life described in Sugarland's song Something More. Can you relate to the Rolling Stones’s lyric, “I can’t get no satisfaction”? If you feel like you are always chasing after the wind, then the book of Ecclesiastes was written for you. Join us for a six-week journey through this insightful book as we seek to find meaning for our lives under the sun.

Leader: Bradley Williams
Mondays at 7PM
Starting April 15th
Cost: $20

Love Does Bible Study Guide: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

Love isn't a feeling. It's an activity. It's something you do. And participating in the act of love is the secret to understanding God's love--the secret to a life well lived.
Real growth happens when you learn how to tap into the empowering, energizing love of God. Using it fills you. Risking it secures you. Giving it satisfies you.
Each of the five sessions explores a different aspect of God's active love through Bob Goff's teachings and stories:

• I'm With You - we've been given the invitation to love. Taking it seriously is where life meets faith.
• Free to Fail - exploring the nature of failure, how it works, and what God does with it.
• Audacious Love - understanding why receiving love is essential to giving love.
• Be Not Afraid - chasing out the anxieties that keep us from acting and living the life that Jesus has called us to.
• Follow Me - delving into how to bring our passions and plans together and bind them to God's plan.

Leader: Linda Letourneau
Mondays at 7PM
Starting April 15th
Cost $12