Middle School

Every Wednesday Evening at 7:00pm
100 Building at Legacy Campus

Transit Middle School is about going on a journey.  When you take a subway or use the transit system, it takes you from one place to another.  That is exactly what we want to do for the students at Hopewell!  They come in as a 6th grader at one place and leave as a 12th grader in another place.  We will help them in their journey as they learn to follow Christ and strengthen their personal relationship with Him. 
Our students come from many schools and walks of life each week.  As they arrive in the 100 Building on Legacy Campus they will gather in our Big Room and have a large group time of activities and fun. From there, they head to age graded Discipleship Groups where our leaders teach the Bible, relationships are built, and our students engage in ministry. 
We have many events happening throughout the year.  On a few select Wednesday nights each year, we gather for UNITE worship celebrations with Transit HS.  Other annual discipleship events include D-Now, summer camp, and a fall retreat.

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