Easter 2021

04.27.21 | Worship

    Join us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ!


    Hopewell Baptist Church / Monroe, NC

    “Glorious Day w/ Christ the Lord is Risen Today”
    Words & Music by Words & Music by Jason Ingram, Sean Curran, Jonathan Smith and Kristian Stanfil. Arranged by Cliff Duren
    ©2017, this arrangement 2018 Sounds of Jericho(BMI)Kristian Stanfill Publishing Designee (NS)/worshiptogether.com songs Songs(ASCAP)/ Worship Together Music (BMI)/ sixsteps Music/ sixsteps Songs/ Fellow Ships Music. Hickory Bill Doc/ So Essential Tunes
    Administered by Capitol CMG Publishing.com and EssentialMsuicPublishing .com
    CCLI# 7081388

    “My Story w/ My Savior’s Love”
    Words & Music by Mike Weave, Jason Ingram and Fanny J. Crosby
    Arranged by Cliff Duren
    ©2015, this arr 2018 Word Music, Weave Country, So Essential Tunes,
    Open Hands Music
    Administered by WB Music Corp and EssentialMsuicPublishing.com
    CCLI# 7036037

    “Hope is Here”
    Words & Music by Johnathan Crumpton and Tony Wood Arranged by Cliff Duren
    ©2018 Family Gathering Songs, LLC, Wordspring Music, LLC, Tony Wood Songs
    Administered by Music Services and W.B.M. Music Corp.

    “The Garden(Underscore)”
    Music by Cliff Duren
    © 2018 Gathering Songs LLC
    Administered by Music Services
    CCLI# 7140281

    “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus w/ Reckless Love”
    Words & Music by Thomas J. Williams, Samuel Trevor Francis & Johnathan Crumpton
    Arranged by Cliff Duren
    ©2018 Family Gathering Songs, LLC
    Administered by Music Services
    CCLI# 137178

    “Reckless Love”
    Words & Music by Caleb Culver, Cory Asbury & Ran Jackson
    Arranged by Cliff Duren
    ©2018 Watershed Music Publihsing
    Administered by Watershed Music Group, Bethel Music Publishing
    CCLI# 7089641

    Words & Music by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman Arranged by Cliff Duren
    © 2013, this arr. 2018 Thankyou Music (PRS) (Adm. at CapitolCMGPublishing.com excluding Europe which is adm. by Integrity Music, part of the David C Cook family. )/ Atlas Mountain Songs (BMI)/ worshiptogether.com Songs (ASCAP)/ sixsteps Music (ASCAP)/ Said And Done Music (ASCAP)
    Administered by CapitolCMGPublishing.com
    CCLI# 7000689

    Words & Music by Mack Brock, Wade Joye, Christopher Brown, Matt Ntele, and Steven Furtick Arranged by Cliff Duren
    © 2016, this arr. 2018 Be Essential Songs (BMI)/ Elevation Worship Publishing (BMI)
    Administered by EssentialMusicPublishing.com
    CCLI# 7051507

    “Crucified with Christ”
    Words & Music by Denise Phillips, Randy Phillips, Don Koch, and Dave Clark
    Arranged by Cliff Duren
    © 1995, this arr. 2018 World Of Pentecost (ASCAP)/ Ariose Music (ASCAP)/ Bridge Building Music (BMI)/ New Spring Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) Word Music (ASCAP) (.)/ Dayspring Music (BMI)
    Administered at CapitolCMGPublishing.com, WB Music Corp and Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
    CCLI# 1860578

    “My Story Finale”
    Words & Music by Mike Weaver, Jason Ingram and Fanny J. Crosby
    Arranged by Cliff Duren
    © 2015, this arr. 2018 Word Music, LLC (ASCAP)/ Weave Country (ASCAP) So Essential Tunes (SESAC)/ Open Hands Music (SESAC)
    Administered by WB Music Corp and EssentialMusicPublishing.com
    CCLI# 7036037

    “Save Me”
    Words & Music by Mary Elizabeth Miller and Thomas Miller
    ©2008 Gateway Create Publishing
    Administered by Integrity Music, Inc.
    CCLI# 5074387

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